We are a small shop specializing in vintage and contemporary moped, scooter, and small motorcycle repair.

Our shop is experienced in services ranging from tune-ups to full scale restorations as well as performance modifications, detailing, painting, fabrication, and customization. We are currently accepting service and repairs by appointment. Reach out to us to schedule your appointment today, our hourly rate is $75/hr.


$85- Diagnostic/Estimate/Deposit for unspecified repairs and tune-ups.

An $85 deposit is due upon bike drop-off. That deposit covers the first hour of labor and is deducted from the total cost of the over all repair. Any additional required labor or parts is approved via telephone or e-mail prior to the work being done. In the event that we are unable to contact you for approval of additional labor or parts we will hold the job until contact is made. The prices stated are for labor only and do not include parts unless otherwise noted.

  • $ 75 per hour- General Labor Rate

  • $55 per hour- Customer Loyalty Labor Rate / Discounted rate for vehicles purchased from Austin Mopeds

  • $35-$45 Flat tire or Tube repair per wheel. Prices vary by the size of the tire on or off the vehicle. Does not include cost of tire, tube, nor rim strips.

  • $35 Moped, Scooter, or Motorcycle Pick Up/Delivery (each way with Central Austin)- Prices vary depending is distance.

  • $100 Rush Charge- move me to the top of the queue. I can't wait. Only peons wait.

  • $350 Engine Rebuild- Flat rate labor does not include parts. Prices may vary depending on size of engine.

  • $75 per hour- Case matchingm porting, and welding.

Due to the high volume of repairs we do and the limited space that we have, we charge $10 per day after the first 48 hours that we have informed you that your bike is ready.

moped tune-ups

Tune-ups $85 and up.

We take a running moped or scooter and make it rock solid, Everything you need to make it your daily rider.

A flat rate tune-up includes:

  • Oil/Transmission Fluid change

  • Spark plug chage

  • Carburetor cleaning

  • Wheel alignment

  • Chain tensioning and lube

  • Cable tensioning and lube

  • Controls inspection and adjustment

  • Ignition system inspection

  • Fuel system inspection

  • A once over with a cleaning rag, and a good look over the entire bike

Any labor beyond what is covered in the tune-up is charged according to our $75/hr labor rate. Any parts that need to be replaced are pay-as-you-go.

*Austin Mopeds will NOT undertake any additional labor or replace any parts not included in the tune-up without the owners consent.

Engine rebuilds

Moped and scooter engines are well built reliable machines, but sometimes engines are just "shot"... and it can be from abuse, neglect, or just tons of happy miles. It's okay though, we're here to build it back up. An engine rebuild is a comprehensive overhaul that will ensure that your engine is in tip top shape and will run you into the next century. This service is usually not required expect in the worse cases of engine disrepair.

Rebuilds include:

  • Crankshaft bearing replacement

  • Primary drive bearing replacement

  • New gaskets for top and bottom end

  • New oil seals

Rebuilds for the following engines:

  • Puch E50 single speed- $350

  • Puch ZA50 two speed- $350

  • Tomos A3/A35/A55- $350

  • Motobecane AV7/AV10- $350

  • Sachs 504/505- $350

  • Jawa 210- $350

  • Minarelli V1- $350

  • Honda PA501/11- $350

These flat rates are for engine IN HAND only.

performance, modifications, & customization

Sometimes you want a little more pep out of your moped's step. Well, we can do that too. There area a number of ways to increase the performance of the moped, ranging from performance exhausts, to large-displacement cylinders, to upgraded carburetors and more. Performance work is a brand category, so we aim to work the exact specifications of the rider: Maybe you want to go 50MPH, maybe you want to be able to rip wheelies from a red light... maybe both. Chances are we can make that happen, so just contact us and we can talk about making your dreams a reality.

Substantial modifications, customization, repairs, and fabrication can be preformed as needed.